Sharp Air Purifier FP J80M H with H14 class HEPA Filter 99.97% Efficiency and Plasmacluster Technology

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  • Plasmacluster with PM2.5 filtration Technology
  • Air Purifier That Captures 99.97% of PM2.5 Dust Particles
  • Breathe free of airborne allergens, viruses, microbes and mould
  • H14 Class HEPA Filter
  • CADR 480 m3/h
  • Coverage Area 680 Sq Ft
  • Power Consumption 48 Watts Max
  • Plasmacluster has been tested & certified for effectiveness by 31 global GLP test laboratories.

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Sharp Air Purifiers comes with dual technologies, “Active” Plasmacluster technology and “Passive” Filtration process. The Plasmacluster technology is certified by 31 global laboratories which is a proof of its Safety & Effectiveness. Sharp Plasmacluster technology can neutralize harmful chemicals, generates freshness in room, kill various pathogens like bacteria/ mold / viruses / allergens. Also, Plasmacluster air purifier removes bad odors and static electricity from your indoor environment. Plasmacluster technology does not produce any harmful ozone during its process of air treatment. It generates the same positive and negative ions as found in nature.

Secondly, Sharp Air Purifiers employ a 3-step system to combine the active plasmacluster mechanism with passive HEPA filtration to sterilize & cleanse the indoor air of harmful airborne substances.

Sharp Air Purifiers are equipped with TRUE HEPA filters with H14 class (in EN1822 type). They can remove 99.97% of dust and other particles size 0.3 um each time air passes through them.

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