Okaya 150AH Battery | SL600T

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Battery ModelSL600T
Battery Series 
Battery Rating150  AH
Battery TypeShort Tubular  
Warranty42 Months 
Pro-rated Warranty 
Nominal Voltage12 Volts
Application of UsageInverter, Offline UPS
Dimensions (L*W*H) in mm 
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 

Note: Specifications may subject to change without prior notice

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Life More than Double: OKAYA tubular batteries provide up to twice the life of conventional batteries are suitable for both domestic and industrial applications.

Longer Back-up Time: OKAYA Deep cycle tubular technology batteries ensure longer back up.

Complete Range for your power needs: OKAYA has a wide range of inverter batteries that are compatible with any brand of inverters available in the market, thereby caters to all kinds of customer requirements.

Ultra Low Maintenance: OKAYA hybrid grid alloys allow extended water intervals up to 90days. Our PE separators and new internal construction reduce gassing associated with water loss.

Quick Recharge in Frequent power cuts: OKAYA has a special paste recipe that ensures faster recharging ability and allow battery to run in scheduled and un-scheduled expected power cuts.

30% Extra Electrolyte: OKAYA batteries have bigger containers to store 30% more electrolyte so that you need to do water topping less frequently.

Hadi Tubular Technology: OKAYA makes the spines by High Pressure ‘HADI’ casting Process at 100 bar. We make spines with low antimony lead alloy with selenium and tin to protect them from anodic corrosion.

Latest PE Envelope Separator Technology:  Negative plates are fully covered with Daramic USA polyethylene separators to prevent their shorting with positive plates.

Factory Charged Batteries: Recognising the importance of the initial charging, MTEKPOWER has each plant with 100% generator back up that ensures uninterrupted first charging for 72 hours.

99.994% Pure Lead used: OKAYA imports the best quality primary lead with 99.994%purity from Australia. This ensures longer battery life.

Ceramic Water Level management: Hydrogen vapours are trapped back by ceramic vent plugs and condensed to water. This ensures cleanliness and safety along with minimal water loss. Hence, water topping requirements less.


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