Luminous Solar PCU NXT+ 3.75KVA - 48V UPS

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Brand Luminous 
Model & Series Solar Hybrid NXT+ 3.75KVA
Type Solar Inverter
Rating in VA 3.75 KVA 
Solar PV Module Compatibility 3000 Wp                                       
Waveform Pure Sine Wave 
Battery Module External Battery Module 
No’s of Battery Required Four Battery - 4 No's
Battery Capacity 135 AH - 200 AH 
DC Voltage 48V
Charge Controller MPPT, 40Amp - 48V
Warranty 24 Months 
Dimensions (L*W*H)  30*50.4*51.5 in cm 
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 50 Kgs 

Note:1. Specifications may subject to change without prior notice 2. Battery is not included in this purchase

Luminous Solar 3.75KVA, 48V Hybrid PCU NXT+ Inverter UPS Max Supported Panel Power - 3Kwp, Power Conditioning Unit has Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller for Solar Off-Grid Applications for your Home, Office, Industrial, Residence, Commercial application, Solar Power Solution Product is the Ideal solution for Off-grid applications. Designed to offer control PCU Inverter UPS intelligently optimizes battery charging and power to load among Solar, Battery and Grid power.

Luminous Solar PCU NXT+ 3.75KVA, 48V Inverter UPS


  • Rated AC power - 230V, 13A, Single phase
  • Max Supported Panel Power - 3000 Wp,
  • Input Voltage Range (Vmp) - 65-130V
  • Charge Controller - MPPT,
  • Input Voltage 80-165 Voc
  • Nominal Battery Bank Voltage - 48V
  • Intelligent system with 32 bit DSP Controller which enables it to handle multiple algorithms efficiently
  • Inbuilt MPPT charge controller extracts upto 30% more power from Panels Inbuilt isolation transformer to protect from grid surges and noise
  • Selectable source priority: Choose source priority from solar, battery and grid
  • User friendly Informative LCD Display for time charging, Supply etc
  • Dual MCB protection against short circuit protection for AC and DC
  • Safe for your home with comprehensive protection features such as short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery over-charge and battery deep-discharge.
  • Pure sine wave output for safety and noiseless operation of connected appliances.
  • Compliance to most of the National & International standards for safety and efficiency and reliability, such as IEC - 61683, IEC - 60068 - 1,2,14,30, IEC - 60529


  • MPPT Charge Controller: Luminous solar PCU has latest MPPT‚ (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller. It enables you to extract maximum power from Solar Renewable Energy. It is 30% more efficient than a normal PWM based PCUs.
  • Priority Setting: Being a bi - directional PCU it allows customers flexibility to set the priority setting based on their requirement of maximum energy saving, power backup only during power cut and power backup through battery in areas where grid supply is not available.
  • Super Informative User friendly LCD: A user friendly LCD that displays important information like battery time of charge & discharge, Grid Off / available, Priority setting etc.
  • Safe for your Home: Luminous Solar PCU is armed with comprehensive protection features such as short-circuit, Under / Over Voltage Protection for Input, Output, Battery And array; reverse polarity Protection for Array & Battery; Protection for Output Overload; short Circuit & Over Temperature; MCB & Surge Protection; Its pure sine wave output ensures safety and noiseless operation of connected appliances.
  • MNRE & IEC compliance: Solar PCU complies with all the National & International standards for safety and efficiency and reliability, such as IEC - 61683, IEC - 60068 - 1,2,14,30, IEC - 60529
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