APC BI1500 Inverter And Amaron CR-AR150TT54 150AH Tall Tubular Battery

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Inverter Specifications
Brand, Model & Series APC BI1500SINE-IN
Rating in VA, Watts 1500VA, 880 Watts, 24V
Waveform Sine Wave
Warranty 24 Months
Battery Specifications
Brand, Battery Model Amaron, CR-AR150TT54
Battery Rating, Type                 150 AH, Tall Tubular Battery - 2 No's
Warranty 60 Months ( 36F+24P )
Backup Time 
 Load  Duration
 700W  5Hr 10Min
 500W  7Hr 15Min
 400W  9Hr
 300W  12Hr

Note: Specifications may subject to change without prior notice

APC 1500VA / 880 Watts, 24V Home UPS Pure Sine Wave Inverter BI1500 with Amaron Current 150AH, 12V Tubular Inverter UPS Battery CR-AR150TT54- 2 No's @ C20 Rating Lead Acid Storage Type, Rechargeable & 100% Recyclable Battery. Best Combo product set to provide Continuous Power Backup Supply For Home, 2-3 BHK Flats, Office, Shops or any other Commercial purpose Efficiently. Combo pack provides Power Backup of 5 Hrs (approx.) with a load of 500 Watts.

APC 1500VA UPS Inverter Features:

APC 1500VA / 880W, 24V BI1500SINE Home UPS Inverter is a convenient way to keep your lights, fans and sensitive electronics, Home appliances, Office equipments running during power cuts. Eliminate the inconvenience when main Power is lost and continue your daily routine without disruption. Designed specifically for India’s harsh power conditions.

  • Pure Sine Wave Output- Eliminates humming and heat generated when powering on tube-lights and fans, Protects sensitive Equipments From damage
  • LED Indications & Audio Alarms - Provides easy-to-read status of your power conditions, Home UPS and battery.
  • Home/Away Switch- keeps your battery charged when you're away and prevents needless discharges.
  • Intelligent Battery Charging - Microprocessor controlled, 3-stage regulated charging ensures the fastest recharge times without decreasing battery life
  • Wide Input Voltage Window - Saves your battery power for when you really need it - during power cuts!
  • UPS/INVERTER Switch - lets you power computer systems as well as lights, fans and televisions
  • Charger Output Selector - matches the battery charger output to your specific battery, ensuring the longest possible battery life by preventing under and overcharging.
  • Battery Input Fuses - protects against installation mishaps.
  • Advanced Safety Features - Safeguard your Home-UPS and battery.
  • Push Button Circuit Breaker - provides easy recovery from an overload while on mains power
  • Generator Compatibility - allows you to recharge your battery while on generator power.

Amaron Current 150AH 100AH Tall Tubular Battery CR-AR150TT54


  • 150AH, 12V @ C20 Rating Tall Tubular Battery for Inverter UPS
  • Lead Acid storage type
  • Series: Current CR-AR150TT54
  • Unique Tubular positive plates designed for longer life.
  • Technologically advanced, Amaron Inverter Tall-Tubular battery with High cranking power
  • Superior active material and special alloy used for low maintenance of battery.
  • Plate designed with special additives to get quick recovery from deep discharge suitable for frequent power cut areas.
  • High heat tolerance capacity makes it perfect for Indian weather conditions.
  • Factory charged, has highest reserve capacity and is vibration resistant. 
  • Amaron inverter batteries are compatible with any brand of inverters available in the market.
  • battery uses a high heat resistant, Calcium/ultra modified Hybrid alloy for its grids which makes it zero-maintenance.
  • Float guide vent plug for electrolyte level indicator.
  • Eco-friendly aqua trap vent plugs to ensure no acid fumes.
  • combo pack includes (2 No's) 150AH Tall Tubular Battery.
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