5KW Grid Tie Solar Rooftop System with Mono PERC Panels by Tata Power Solar

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Technical Details
Solar Inverter Tata Grid Tie Inverter UPS
Inverter Brand  Tata Power Solar Approved
Inverter warranty  5 Years warranty
Solar PV Module 540Wp * 9 no's Mono PERC Panels
Panel Brand Tata Power Solar 
Panel warranty 25 years* warranty
Mounting Structure Type Optional* ( If required - charges applicable )
Accessories Included                                                                                                            Bi-directional meter, DC Cables, Circuit Breakers, MC4 Connectors, Lightning Arrestors, AC / DC Junction Box.
Space Required  500 - 600 Sq. Ft.
Units Generated Annually 7200 Units*
Break Even Period 8 years*

Note:1. The above Products are Approved By Tata Power Solar


5KW On Grid / Grid Tied Solar Rooftop System with Mono PERC Panels by Tata Power Solar-1 Phase

A grid connected PV system is one where the photovoltaic panels or array are connected to the utility grid through a power inverter unit allowing them to operate in parallel with the electric utility grid.

Grid Connected PV Systems have solar panels that provide some or even most of their power needs during the day time, while still being connected to the local electrical grid network during the night time. Solar powered PV systems can sometimes produce more electricity than is actually needed or consumed, especially during the long hot summer months. This extra or surplus electricity is either stored in batteries or as in most grid connected PV systems, fed directly back into the electrical grid network.

In other words, homes and buildings that use a grid connected PV system can use a portion or all of their energy needs with solar energy, and still use power from the normal electrical mains grid during the night or on cloudy dull and rainy days, giving the best of both worlds. Then in grid connected PV systems, electricity flows back-and-forth to and from the mains grid according to sunlight conditions and the actual electrical demand at that time.

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